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What is Healthcare Cost Sharing?

What is Health Sharing?

The best way to take control of your healthcare expenses is to become a Self-Pay Patient. At first blush, that seems scary with your potential financial exposure due to the rising cost of healthcare today. But, what if you could form a group of like-minded, health focused, Patriotic Americans, people just like you, that would agree to share any costs you incurred above an amount that you could comfortably handle. Maybe, then it’s not so scary.

How Much Does It Cost? My Academy of Health ExcellenceSedera Health Sharing solution combines everything you’ll need to become a successful ‘Free-Market Patient’ who is MPowered with health cost sharing. Whether you like to do-it-yourself or you want someone to do everything for you, we’ve got you covered.

  • 1 Member $249 (Individual) w/ a $1000  0r $299. w/ a $500  Initial Unshared Amount
  • 2 Members $485 (Couple) w/ a $1000 or $599.  w/ a $500  or   Initial Unshared Amount
  • 2 Members $427. (Parent w/ Child) w/ a $1000.  or  $520 w/ a $500 Initial Unshared Amount
  • 3+ Members $638. (Family) w/a $1000 or $786. w/ a $500 Initial Unshared Amount

Are Preventative and Wellness Included?  “Yes – Preventative Care Included – At NO Cost to You!

  • Preventative Screening – Mammograms, Pap smears, PSA tests, Screening: Colonoscopies Limit: 1 every 2 years; 1 per year over 50
  • Wellness – Babies 0-1 one year – well baby checkups including vaccinations. Adults – includes labs, x-rays (one per membership year)What Else is Included? – Expenses Eligible for Sharing
    • Accidents – (accidents are investigated for other party liability)
    • Accidents Involving Recreational Vehicles
    • Ambulance Services
    • Diagnostic X-ray and Laboratory Services – Inpatient/Outpatient/Independent lab
    • Emergency Room Hospital And Physician Services – (Routine treatment excluded)
    • Home Health Care – Limit 30 days per Incident
    • Hospital Services – Inpatient: Daily Room and Board limited to the average semi-private room rate.
    • Maternity Care – Normal delivery (including physician charges, office visits, hospital charges and birthing centers) cesarean section and/or complications treated as new incident with new per incident limits
    • Physician Office Services – Per incident visit. All other physician office services included per incident. (Charges billed by a physician if performed in the physician’s office: injection, surgery, lab, x-ray, special diagnostic interpretation.)
    • Prescription Drugs – Per incident (charges must occur within 120 the days before or after any related medical incident)
    • Surgery – Surgeon, Assistant Surgeon and Anesthesiologist Services. Inpatient/Outpatient services. Outpatient surgery facility
    • Therapy – Limit 20 visits per Calendar Year: (Combined with Speech, Respiratory, Physical, Occupational Therapy)
    • All Other Eligible Expenses – (Unless limited by the guidelines)

    Are Alternative Treatments Included? Yes – Treatment provided by a Naturopath or other practitioner of alternative treatments is eligible for sharing if such treatment meets the following criteria:

    • It treats a medically diagnosed condition.
    • It is less invasive than conventional medical treatment for the diagnosed condition.
    • It is less costly than conventional medical treatment and is expected to prevent more costly future conventional treatment.
    • It is presented for prior approval .

    Will My Doctor Take It? Yes – there is NO Network! It is a Total Open Access Program- Any Doctor that takes Cash or Credit Cards is available.