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A fully integrated personal health and wellness management program with actionable results.

A National Institute of Health study found that the difference in total healthcare cost between those that exercise and those that didn’t averaged $669 per year. Similarly, the Health Management Research Center at the University of Michigan found that a wellness program that moved “high-risk” employees (those with two of four high-risk characteristics such as smoking, little exercise and being overweight) to “low-risk” resulted in an average annual medical insurance-cost reduction of $618.

According to the Wellness Council of America, a review of 32 studies of corporate wellness programs found claims costs were reduced by 27.8%, physician visits declined by 16.5%, hospital admissions declined by 62.5%, disability costs reduced by 34.4%, and incidents of injury declined by 24.8%.

My Academy of Health Excellence Wellness offers a comprehensive health and wellness approach designed to effectively engage members, administer client level incentives and deliver improved outcomes. Our solution includes state-of-the-art tools and programs that are recognized as leaders within the industry, featuring a truly unique combination that is sure to deliver on all your health and wellness programming needs.

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It’s Personal – Uniquely configured solutions that address specific participant needs.

It’s Safe – Data access, storage and transmission designed to stringent HIPAA/HITEC compliance.

It’s Trusted – Developed and managed by board-certified physicians, NCQA certified.

It’s Fun – Exciting and engaging programs to track progress and manage incentives. We provide effective engagement with members in their health & wellness—sparking wellness interests and participation, engaging members with their healthcare needs, motivating sustainable strategies, and provide clinics and coaches with proactive outreach to the members they serve.

Programs can be tailored to your specific personal goals and objectives.