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The typical purpose of a health program is to react to a negative occurrence. If and when such an event occurs the program becomes invaluable. But, during the times or years when there are no such occurrences, what does that monthly cost really provide in the way of a useful daily tangible benefit or service?

My Academy of Health Excellence provides two critical benefits: One for every day and one for those times when things go wrong.

  1. It promotes Health & Wellness through education, helpful tools and membership in an interactive Wellness Community to help you identify and achieve your individual health and wellness goals. By maintaining a state of wellness, you avoid the onset of chronic health conditions and the associated high cost of their treatment.
  2. It helps maintain the low Monthly Share amount by introducing consumerism and competitive shopping for medical services thereby reducing costs for the group as a whole.

My Academy of  Health Excellence provides the full service and support of your membership with the necessary tools and personnel, which in turn helps keep your membership costs down.


There can be a learning curve as a self-pay patient when navigating the healthcare world with billing issues, finding the best doctors to suit your needs, making the best use of your money in instances such as needing a Cat Scan, MRI, etc.

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