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These are the essentials you’ll need to be an “EXCELLENT” Free-Market Patient

For anyone who wants to Take Back Control of their healthcare costs

HEALTH EXCELLENCE, Pharmacy,Dental, Labs and Tests,QR Life Code,Store,Americas Benefits“”Concierge – someone to assist you in the new world of personal responsibility in healthcare

concierge_medicine (800) 519-2969 Option #1

There can be a learning curve as a self-pay patient when navigating the healthcare world with billing issues, finding the best doctors to suit your needs, making the best use of your money in instances such as needing a Cat Scan, MRI, etc.

The Concierge Service is your Guide and personal assistant to help you navigate the new world of modern healthcare. The goal of My Academy of Health Excellence is to help you take back control of your own healthcare and wellness.

Taking control of your healthcare and wellness includes becoming both an efficient, cost conscious consumer of medical services AND a proactive participant in your own quest to get and stay well.

We support you in both areas by providing you with cost containment tools to stretch your healthcare dollars and through wellness tools designed to help you get and stay well.

Your Concierge is there to answer questions, provide guidance and assist you in utilizing all of the wellness and cost containment tools available.

At Your Service

Confused –  Call Your Concierge!

Frustrated – Call You Concierge!

Want to Learn how to be an Excellent Self-Pay Patient – Call Your Concierge!


Advocacy – someone on your side who knows the system when you have a challenge


(800) 519-2969 Option #2

A dedicated Health Assistant, available to every member, addresses day-to-day health care issues. This helps eliminate the time and stress of working on health care issues.  From finding the best dentist for their children to getting the best possible price on medications, their job is to ensure each member has a wonderful experience and gets the best results possible from The Academy of Health Excellence.

No matter your health care need, from a simple phone call to an extensive issue, your Health Advocate is here for you every step of the way. Supportive and encouraging, Advocates guide every member through the health care maze.

Services include:


Physician, Specialist and Hospital Search

Members can keep their existing physicians or specialists. However, when you need a new doctor, dentist, specialist or to find a hospital, we can help you find one that fits your needs. Our team can do the search for you and provide a list from which you can make informed choices.

Affordable Care Act (PPACA) Answers

Our staff is trained to provide answers to the many questions involved in the new Affordable Care Act. We have the expertise to help individuals and businesses understand how recent changes in health care law will impact you and any actions you might need to take.

Health Cost Estimates

To support and empower you with objective health care information to make informed decisions, we provide cost estimates for various outpatient procedures in your local area so you know what to expect.

Alternative Medicine Options

They’ll search specialists in your area and find the best facilities for treatment in Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Homeopathic remedies and more.

Elder Care Solutions

As so many people in our society reach their senior years, there are many questions asked by them and by their families. Let us assist you in locating living facilities, addressing Medicare questions and issues, coordinating Home Health Care, transportation, prescription delivery, and exploring Disability and VA benefits and supplemental insurance.

Appointment Scheduling

They’ll even provide personalized service by doing the scheduling for doctor’s appointments, preparation for surgery and specialists so you can spend your time on the things that are most important to you.

Medical Bill Audit & Review

Feel confident in your health care situation. If you believe there may be an error on your medical bill, we will review it and work with your provider to rectify the problem. Additionally, we will work with you to get your bills organized if they become overwhelming.

Wellness Portal – where you can Engage, Learn, Track and Earn your way to a healthier lifestyle


A fully integrated personal health and wellness management program with actionable results.


A National Institute of Health study found that the difference in total healthcare cost between those that exercise and those that didn’t averaged $669 per year. Similarly, the Health Management Research Center at the University of Michigan found that a wellness program that moved “high-risk” persons (those with two of four high-risk characteristics such as smoking, little exercise and being overweight) to “low-risk” resulted in an average annual medical insurance-cost reduction of $618.

According to the Wellness Council of America, a review of 32 studies of corporate wellness programs found claims costs were reduced by 27.8%, physician visits declined by 16.5%, hospital admissions declined by 62.5%, disability costs reduced by 34.4%, and incidents of injury declined by 24.8%.

My Academy of Health Excellence Wellness offers a comprehensive health and wellness approach designed to effectively engage members, administer client level incentives and deliver improved outcomes. Our solution includes state-of-the-art tools and programs that are recognized as leaders within the industry, featuring a truly unique combination that is sure to deliver on all your health and wellness programming needs.

MyAHE-Wellness1MyAHE Wellness2

MyAHE Wellness3MyAHE Wellness4


It’s Personal  – Uniquely configured solutions that address specific participant needs.

It’s Safe – Data access, storage and transmission designed to stringent HIPAA/HITEC compliance.

It’s Trusted – Developed and managed by board-certified physicians, NCQA certified.

It’s Fun – Exciting and engaging programs to track progress and manage incentives. We provide effective engagement with members in their health & wellness—sparking wellness interests and participation, engaging members with their healthcare needs, motivating sustainable strategies, and provide clinics and coaches with proactive outreach to the members they serve.

Programs can be tailored to your specific personal goals and objectives.

WellFit Sharing Community– Connect, Communicate, Contribute and Collaborate with other Like-Minded Members

Connect, Communicate, Contribute, Collaborate


By coming together with like-minded individuals sharing the common goal of achieving and maintaining wellness, the net result is that Wellness becomes a dynamic endeavor that when achieved, avoids many of the chronic conditions that lead to major illness. This reduces the costs incurred by the individual member and the community as a whole.

The typical purpose of a health program is to react to a negative occurrence. If and when such an event occurs the program becomes invaluable. But, during the times or years when there are no such occurrences, what does that monthly cost really provide in the way of a useful daily tangible benefit or service?

Health Excellence Select provides two critical benefits: One for every day and one for those times when things go wrong.[check-list title=”Health Excellence Select provides two critical benefits: One for every day and one for those times when things go wrong.” type=”type4″]

  • It promotes Health & Wellness through education, helpful tools and membership in an interactive Wellness Community to help you identify and achieve your individual health and wellness goals. By maintaining a state of wellness, you avoid the onset of chronic health conditions and the associated high cost of their treatment.List element #1
  • It helps maintain the low Monthly Share amount by introducing consumerism and competitive shopping for medical services thereby reducing costs for the group as a whole.


Health Excellence Select provides the full service and support of your membership with the necessary tools and personnel, which in turn helps keep your membership costs down.

In the Wellfit Sharing Community you’ll find:

  • Groups, where members become engaged in the “wellness process” through education, collaboration, and participation.
  • Wellness Experts that deliver fresh, pertinent content on an ongoing regular basis to keep members engaged and focused.
  • Members receiving AND giving support, encouragement and positive reinforcement to one another in pursuing their goals.
  • Fitness and nutritional tools that provide members a means by which they can measure, monitor, track and control their progress.
  • Members become part of a movement or crusade that is bigger than themselves


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TeleMedicine24/7 Access to a Board Certified Physician; for those non-emergency emergencies.


24/7/365 access to a Physician

See a doctor anytime, anywhere — without the wait and without the expense.

Members have 24/7/365 access to a board-certified physician. This service provides on-call physicians available to help resolve routine medical issues by phone or online. If you are considering a trip to the Emergency Room, urgent care center, minute clinic or you just cannot wait to get scheduled for a doctor’s office visit for a non-emergency issue, you can use this service to access quality medical care. Saving you time and money.

Common medical symptoms treated from the comfort of home*:


Benefits Include

  • On demand care – talk to a doctor anytime, no matter where you are
  • Prompt diagnosis for faster treatment
  • No consultation time limits
  • Doctors can treat children of any age
  • Your health record is secure and portable
  • Save money on expensive ER or urgent care visits
  • Physicians can prescribe non-narcotic medication or refills when appropriate



My QR Life Codeinform EMS of your emergency contacts, allergies and medications in the event of an accident

Click to Access Your Account

MyHealth.Us provides 24/7 secure access to your Emergency Contacts, Personal Details, Medical Images and Records. Our patent-pending Health Diary, Photo Journal and Reminders create the most current and truly vital data that Healthcare Providers need to stay healthy or treat you faster and more affordably.


One QR  for life code is included with the Academy Package – buy addition QR codes for other members of the family.



For Maintenance Drugs Call (800) 519-2969 Option#3

to order 9a-9p M-F eastern : When ordering provide program code WEL0008 to insure proper processing

[toogle color=”grey” open=”yes/no” title=”World MedsBest for high cost Brand- Sample Prices and FAQ“]WorldMedsPricingBelow you will find answers to some our more frequently ask Questions

Q: Is it legal to order medications from international pharmacies?

A: Americans are allowed to import up to a 3 month supply of each of their medications for personal use.

Q: Is a prescription required?

A: Yes. Just like your local drugstore, we require a valid prescription from a licensed physician.

Q: What about the quality of the medications?

A: All of our medications are of the same quality, purity, and potency as those available in the USA. In fact, many of our medications are manufactured in the USA or produced by American companies in their international facilities. Plus, all of the medications are government approved.

Q: Are you licensed?

A: Yes. All prescriptions are reviewed and filled by government licensed pharmacists and physicians.

Q: Can I save more money with generic drugs?

A: Yes. Generic medications are of the exact same quality and potency as brand name drugs, but cost less. To maximize your savings, with your permission, we will substitute generic drugs where possible.

Q: What about refills?

A: Our free refill reminder service will call you 30 days before your refill is due so that you can authorize your refill order.

Q: Are there any duties, taxes, or any hidden fees?

A: No. Prescription medicines from international pharmacies are tax and duty free. You pay only for your medicine and the shipping fee.

Q: How much is shipping?

A: All your medications will be shipped to you for a flat rate per order of only $4.50 from our U.S. pharmacies and $9.95 from our Canadian and our other international pharmacies. Therefore, we suggest you order all your medications at the same time to save on shipping.

Q: How can I get a Quote without calling?

A: Fax your quote request to: 800-606-0924. Include the MyAHE Code WEL0008, Drug Name, Dosage and Quantity along with fax # to reply with Price.


Best Prices Locally – All Drug Prices are NOT the same, compare and save

You’ll need to be able to Price Comparison shop for prescriptions – www.goodrx.com. Pharmacies in the same geographic location can have price differences of 50% and more.


Blink HealthSearch Price, Pay Online, Pick Up Prescription

One Blink Price at every pharmacy, even without insurance

If you’re uninsured, the cash price for a prescription can change from pharmacy to pharmacy. With Blink, even if you’re uninsured, you pay one price online and pickup at any pharmacy.

Find your preferred pharmacy

Needy MedsFREE Prescriptions when Price is an issue

You’ll need to be able to get FREE prescriptions when Price is an issue – NeedyMeds – www.needymeds.org find help with the cost of medicine.

needymedsReprint of About Us on their website: NeedyMeds is a national non-profit organization that maintains a website of free information on programs that help people who can’t afford medications and healthcare costs. More than 1.3 million patients, family members, healthcare professionals, social workers and patient advocates use the NeedyMeds website each year. We regularly update data on over 5,000 assistance programs, 13,000 free/low-cost/sliding scale clinics and 1,500 drug discount coupons. We also publish information about resources for specific diseases. All our information is accessible online, at no charge and without registration

Visit Dental Plans

You’ll need to find great deals on MRI, Labs, CT Scan etc. – SAVEOn medical – www.saveonmedical.com and other medical procedures, then pay for it online.saveon

Price Transparency & Healthcare Shopping Website for Consumer-Driven Patients

Save On Medical has put the payment portion for providers before the procedure is performed, as opposed to afterwards when it becomes harder to collect. This makes sense for patients, providers and billing departments, alike. In my three decades of fighting the self-pay no-pay fight I heartily welcome the Save On Medical revolution

Click to Access Your Account

MyHealth.Us provides 24/7 secure access to your Emergency Contacts, Personal Details, Medical Images and Records. Our patent-pending Health Diary, Photo Journal and Reminders create the most current and truly vital data that Healthcare Providers need to stay healthy or treat you faster and more affordably.


One QR  for life code is included with the Academy Package – buy addition QR codes for other members of the family.

[multi_testimonial][testimonial name=”Carolann M.” company=”Aventura, FL”]”I have been given a gift when I heard about Health Excellence Select.”[/testimonial][testimonial name=”Paul W” company=”Naples FL”]”In 2014, my husband and I spent $8.400 for a $5,000 high deductible health insurance policy that we never used and the prices would go up each year. I hated paying so much… “[/testimonial][testimonial name=”Francis T.” company=”Cleveland OH”]”We got our taxes done today. This is the first year of our full retirement (2014), so we weren’t quite sure if we would have to pay or not. We’re getting a refund! Our agent asked if we were both continually covered by a healthcare program, which we are. I told him about my share in Liberty HealthShare and he filled out form 8965 for us. It was that simple! It’s true that you can’t out give or out bless God! “[/testimonial][testimonial name=”Nancy M” company=”Boulder CO”]”Health Excellence Select and Liberty HealthShare combine wellness and management tools with the financial cost controls of health sharing. If you have any immediate or unresolved questions please allow one of our customer service representatives to assist you today! “[/testimonial][testimonial name=”Marc C.” company=”Los Angeles,CA”]”Big thanks Marc for turning me on to Health Excellence Select! My younger sister, self-employed entrepreneur, got kicked off my folks plan and couldn’t enroll in the exchange for some reason.  Facing heavy fines she turned to her older brother who then turned to Lions of Liberty.  Health Excellence Select to the rescue!  You now have a new fan in Northern CA!”[/testimonial][/multi_testimonial]

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